Yerte (Core Alchemist)
NPC PortLux Magic.gif
Location Port Lux
Profession (Core Alchemist) Core Alchemist.png
Description Sells up to Pherystin magic arms categories. She also sells life potions, mana potions, return stones, warp cards for quests and accessories for second jobs. Also, if you take a force core to her, she can add new properties to it. She is well known for being a master of the Core Alchemists.
Location Map

Services Provided

Personal Shop Contents

Bluestin Crystal.jpg
Bluestin Orb.gif
Pherystin Crystal.jpg
Pherystin Orb.gif
Bluestin Crystal Bluestin Orb Pherystin Crystal Pherystin Orb
Ring of Fighter 3.png Ring of Fighter 4.png
Ring of Sage 3.png Ring of Sage 4.png
Ring of Champion 3.png Ring of Champion 4.png
Ring of Fighter +3 & +4 Ring of Sage +3 & +4 Ring of Champion +3 & +4
Force Absorb Ring 1.png Life Absorb Ring 1.png Mana Absorb Ring 1.png
Force Absorb Ring +1 Life Absorb Ring +1 Mana Absorb Ring +1
Ogre Power Amulet.png Genius Amulet.png Rapid Amulet.png
Ogre Power Amulet Genius Amulet Rapid Amulet
Force Regeneration Amulet.png Life Regeneration Amulet.png Mana Regeneration Amulet.png
Force Regeneration Amulet Life Regeneration Amulet Mana Regeneration Amulet
Amulet of Guard 3.png Amulet of Guard 4.png
Amulet of Guard +3 Amulet of Guard +4
Flame Disc.jpg Dark Disc.jpg Holy Disc.jpg Soul Disc.jpg
Flame Disc (Lv 1) Dark Disc (Lv 1) Holy Disc (Lv 1) Soul Disc (Lv 1)
Air Disc.jpg Thunder Disc.jpg Bloody Disc.jpg Aqua Disc.jpg
Air Disc (Lv 1) Thunder Disc (Lv 1) Bloody Disc (Lv 1) Aqua Disc (Lv 1)
Earth Disc.jpg
Earth Disc (Lv 1)
Formula Card
  • No.001 (HP Potion (Lv2))
  • No.002 (HP Potion (Lv3))
  • No.003 (MP Potion (Lv2))
  • No.004 (MP Potion (Lv3))
  • No.005 (Epaulet of Proof)
  • No.011 (HP Potion (Lv2))
  • No.012 (HP Potion (Lv3))
  • No.013 (MP Potion (Lv2))
  • No.014 (MP Potion (Lv3))
  • No.015 (Epaulet of Proof +1)
  • No.022 (Return Stone)
  • No.030 (Epaulet of Proof +2)
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