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What Elena Seeks
Given by: Entrance to Elena's Room
Location: Fort. Ruina
Level: Level 184
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Explosive Summer
Preceding quest: The Arcane Trace's Shadow
Following quest: Elena's Reason

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 1,024,304,590 EXP
Honor Point: 1,500,000

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

Elena is Looking for you.
It seems urgent...
Hurry inside.


[Go inside.]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Elena[ | ]

Warrior, welcome.

This needs immediate attention.

There's very little tiem left.


[Elena's expression is usually grave.]

Would it... be okay for me to ask you a favor?

I'll never need your help as urgently as I do now.


[What is this about...?]
[Listen to the previous story]

Promise me that you won't say anything about this to Procyon...



[Listen to the prvious story]
[... I don't know what this is all about, but I promise.]

You've already dealt with much of the Arcane Trace Rebel leadership.

Please seek out the head of that group.

I can tell you where to find him.


[What must I do when I find him?]
[Listen to the prvious story]

Find my missing sister.

She looks exactly the same as me. ...She's my twin

Let me give you a picture of me


[Listen to the previous story]
[Your twin sister? When and how did she go missing?]

... There's little time.

You must be full of questions, but I'll explain everything later.

Go meet the Rebel Leader in the Arcane Trace, show him this picture and ask about my sister.


[... I'm on my way.]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Rebel Leader[ | ]

What's with you?

Do you have some sort of death wish?

Have you no idea what kind of place this is?


[Of course I know. I risked my life coming here to ask you just one thing.]

Ha, you'd risk your life simply to ask me a question?

Then , by all means, ask away.

Perhaps you'll amuse me before I kill you.


[Listen to the previous story]
[Have you seen a girl who looks exactly like the one in this picture?]


Let me see...

Hmm, this face is new to me.

Who the hell is she, your girlfriend?


[Listen to the previous story]
[... Umm, it seems this was a waste of time.]

Bloody fool.

You came here looking for your girlfriend? You think I have nothing better to do?



[It's time to get out of here.]