About me

I found this website when I type 'cabal' in the Wikia website. I noticed there is too few monsters information, so I decide to add more articles about it. I spend a lot of time on it whenever I am free. I have improve other articles too. Oh ya, I also play Cabal too.

I play the Venus world, with a Level 70+ Force Archer with mid-skill level... Oh ya, I am playing CabalSEA, the Singapore version. I hope that there isn't a big difference between Singapore's one with other countries.

I am happy to contribute a lot of information about Cabal, this involves taking photos in games, and I have to capture the best pictures, especially monsters, which can hit my character. Well, Happy Cabaling!

I have return to play Cabal and contributing on CabalWiki, Pokémon Wiki and Maple Wiki.

My contributions

Most of the contributions I contribute to this website is monster informations. I create a monster details of their levels, HP and their map locations.

My favorite pages

  • Port Lux - This is the page I created, all the monsters I posted here and been written in details. But it does not have details on drop rate, amount of Alz, quest-related etc. I hope the community will update on this page.
  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3
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