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Upgrade Core Set (Highest)

File:Upgrade Core Set (Highest).png

Description: Increase the quality of Lycanus ~ Forcium(Mythril) grade equipments. (Right click to use)
Type: Item

Introduction[ | ]

The Upgrade Core Set (Highest) is a stackable option of the Upgrade Core (Highest).
One square can hold up to 999 stacks of Upgrade Core Set (Highest).
The sets can only be used for upgrading items through the Upgrade System. They can NOT be used for runes/crafting/daily quest/etc. Other types of upgrade core sets are as follows:

Obtained[ | ]

Craft: Request Crafting (Craft x 1), Request Crafting (Craft x 3), Request Crafting (Craft x 8), Request Crafting (Craft x 15), Request Crafting (Craft x 30)

Gallery[ | ]