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Tower of the Dead B2F
Undead Ground map
MapLinkChoice Location of Tower of the Dead B2F in Undead Ground (112,126)
Entry Item: Epaulet-of-the-Dead(B2F) 90x90 thumb
Epaulet of the Dead (B2F) Part1
105 ~ 200
Duration: 2 hr.
Reward for
3000 Honor
4 Dungeon Points
Penalty for
None specified
Mob respawn time: ~20 min.
Number of Participants: None specified
Daily Reward: None specified

Introduction[ | ]

Also known as "EOD2" or "B2F" this dungeon is difficult for players <130. It is a relatively long dungeon and a party of 2-4 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.

Drops[ | ]

Some of the better items that can drop in this dungeon include:

For a summary of drops see: Tower of the Dead (B2F) Drops
A comprehensive drop table from EST is found at: Tower of the Dead (B2F) Drop Table

Monsters[ | ]

Bosses[ | ]

Dungeon104 07
Dungeon104 04
Dungeon104 03
Dungeon104 02
Dungeon103 09
Dungeon104 05
Dungeon104 08
Dungeon104 09
Dungeon104 06

Video Walkthrough[ | ]

Step by Step Walkthrough[ | ]

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Image Description
B2F 01 Once you enter touch the tomb and click the only option.
B2F 02 Go forward and kill some Death Flower and some Zombies if you want. After touch the tomb and go forward again.
B2F 03 Directly go to the first Death Flower Queen and kill her: the Death Fogs will disappear for 15 minutes.
B2F 04 Go forward to the second Death Flower Queen and defeat her.
B2F 05 After killing it touch the tomb and go forward.
B2F 06 Go forward and avoid all the monsters until you reach the room in the image and kill every monster you see there, and Ekzane will appear.
B2F 07 When you kill him, touch the tomb in the image and Flame Emperor Zombie will appear.
B2F 08 Drag Flame Emperor Zombie where the image or if you're really strong kill him in the place he appears.
B2F 09 Get rid of the plant door before of after the boss, because that'll disturb you if you get killed and try to get back.
B2F 10 When you kill him, go forward to the sword in the floor and talk with it, the answers are in this order: 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 1
B2F 11 Go forward and touch the dead body: 1 - 2 - 1
B2F 12 Go forward, clean the rooms and touch the horn.
B2F 13 Get near the mirror and wait until the monsters come as it's magic. Now kill Arban Raikette.
B2F 14 Go forward and kill every monster that you don't like until you reach another gate.
B2F 15 Get near from the wall and Fellins Luerow will come, then kill him.
B2F 16 Now, go forward by the door and stay where I marked in the image and the monsters will come and you'll be without any danger, then clean as much as you can and then go to kill the boss, maybe you can without cleaning.
B2F 17 Go back a bit and touch the horn and... WARNING! Take your clock on, in a minute a Phantom Watcher will appear, and if you don't kill him in 5 seconds, a huge quantity of enemies will appear near Prinz Verzen to make your dungeon more difficult. Ger rid of him as soon as he appears.
File:B2F 18.jpg Then get rid of Prinz Verzen.
B2F 19 Once you kill him, tell your mates to hide in another room while you're going to take care of ghost quest.
B2F 20 Go back a bit and touch these things, you and your friends will earn 100 Honour Points.
B2F 21 Once your friends are hidden, touch the tomb.
B2F 22 Enter to the corridor, touch the controller, you'll have to do the way as in the image to let all the ghost out and noone in. Remember once you activate the controller, the door will close soon. You'll have to go out of that corridor very fast and break the door and you'll have to kill the Red, Green and Blue Ghosts while you drag all the other ghosts. Once all are out, run in and call your friends and touch the controller again.
B2F 23 Now you'll have to enter from the corridor to another corridor, then drag all the monsters to where I am in the image. Once you clean the room, or before if you don't hurry a lot of monsters will come from nowhere with Jumar Carbo, the boss.
B2F 24 Once you clean again the room kill Jumar Carbo.
B2F 25 Now, after kill Jumar Carbo, touch the tomb, answers are these: 1 - 2 - 3 - 1.
B2F 26 Now you've got to clean the upper room like you cleaned the last room. Kill the monsters in the stairs, or if you feel confident enter when the situation is like the in the image below.
B2F 27 Once you clean the room, or before if you don't hurry, be careful, Andreas and his friends will appear. Now drag Andreas downstairs if you can, or first clean the room again.
B2F 28 Once you kill him, break his chest and touch the well, the correct answers are these: 1 - 1 - 2 - 1. Touch the torture device: 1 - 1 - 4 - 1. For sure this is very helpful if you haven't cleaned the room. After that continue as marked in the image.
B2F 29 Go ahead and you'll see a closed door, touch the controller and the door will open, go forward by the corridors and touch the next controller, and you'll gain 500 Honour Points, and your friends too.
B2F 30 Now kill all the monsters that you find and the door to the final boss will open.
B2F 31 Enter and kill the supposed final boss, but more monsters will appear when you kill him, you'll have to kill them where I indicated.
B2F 32 Once you kill them, a lot of monsters will appear. Kill them all, although there's an exception, drag Death Prime Knight out of the room.
B2F 33 Now you'll have to clean again the room, go back when you're ready to kill Death Prime Knight, and because of this you dragged it out before, now you'll have to kill the replicas of the final boss. Only one of the replicas is real, maybe you're lucky and you kill one and the others dissapear. Advise: Don't try to kill the 5 at the same time or you'll have serious problems...
B2F 34 Now two Death Prime Knights will appear, kill them and watch out with the final boss and with not being near of him while you're killing them, he might come to kill you. After killing them get rid of the Final Boss.
B2F 35 After killing the Final Boss, touch the items in the order as shown in the image. And you cleared the dungeon you accept your reward of 3000 Honour Points and return back to Undead Ground.