Cabal Wiki
Given by: Abandoned Shop
Location: Fort Ruina
Level: Level 77
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Cabal Vs. Cabal
Preceding quest: Betrayal
Following quest: The Enemy, Silverwood

Locations[ | ]

The Group Camp[ | ]



Location: Fort. Ruina, Hound S-01's habitat
Fort. Ruina's Abandoned Shop

Closed Train Station[ | ]

Closed Train Station Location


Location: Fort. Ruina, Mechape or Mechape Archer habitat (next to Ruina Station dungeon)
Closed Train Station

Procedures[ | ]

  1. Talk to the Abandoned Shop found in the Hound S-01's habitat.
  2. Enter the building.
  3. Talk to Arionell.
  4. Talk to Rin.
  5. Head to the location Closed Train Station at Mechape or Mechape Archer's habitat.
  6. Talk to Mystic Blade.

Rewards[ | ]

  • 250,000 EXP
  • 550,000 Alz

Dialogues[ | ]

Quest Box Dialogue[ | ]

Introduction[ | ]

In Progress[ | ]

After talking to Arionell

You were told that Aike is deeply wounded by berserk Patren while trying to protect Arionell from him, and they escaped from Patren when he came back to his senses for a moment. Can we meet him again? Let's talk to Rin.

After talking to Rin

Rin is being tormented with the guilty feeling of not being able to do anything as the king's guardian. But the most agonized one must be Patren, the confused king. Let's report to Mystic Blade with the news and ask him if he has new information.

After talking to Mystic Blade

Mystic Blade said that it was 'his fate' to be born as the king who has inherited the power of the Absolute Soul Core, but it is now 'his will' to use the power. To complete the quest, speak with him again.

Completed[ | ]

Mystic Blade said that it was 'his fate' to be born as the king who has inherited the power of the Absolute Soul Core, but it is now 'his will' to use the power. Hopefully Patren is strong enough to overcome his fate...that is all we can wish for now.

NPCs Dialogue[ | ]

Abandoned Building[ | ]

Yuan wants to see you. Let's go inside the building.

[Let's go inside.]

Arionell[ | ]

After you were sent back by Patren, he started going berserk all of a sudden.
I was so scared and I didn't know what to do...Then Mr. Aike found me...I am so sorry for causing him trouble all the time.

[Where is Aike?]

He was hurt while trying to stop Patren... It was all my fault...he was trying to protect me...

I am so worried because he seemed to be badly hurt... We were able to escape when Patren shortly came to his senses...

I...I must go take care of Mr. Aike...excuse me.

[I hope that Aike will get better soon.]

Rin[ | ]

According to Arionell, Patren has lost control on himself as expected.

If we don't do anything about him, it wouldn't take that long for him to become the Lord of Destruction. Or...he might be killed by his own power...

Gosh, can we do something else other than cleaning up someone else's messes?

[I am so worried about him, too.]

Where the hell is Sirius, what is he doing? Wait, what if something had happened to him?

Why has he left us, when he is the most responsible on this matter as the leader of Guardian's Sword? Would it be also a part of Saint Valentine's plan?

[Rin seems very agitated.]

When I saw wounded Aike coming back with Arionell, I became so upset about myself for being so useless, even though I am one of the king's knights...

But...I know who is upset and agitated the most among must be Patren...

He would be scared of his unwanted power and be upset at the fact that his life was planned by someone else...

[Let's go talk to Mystic Blade.]

Mystic Blade[ | ]

Ah... I am sorry to hear that. Thankfully the king came to his sense so he could keep his life...otherwise, both of Arionell and Aike would have gone by now.

I heard the sound of destruction. I also heard the king screaming in pain.

[How can we save the king?] matter how hard he tries, he cannot resist his fate.

But there is one thing that he can do. His fate is to possess the power and become the king, but the use of the power is completely on his decision.

[That means...?]

Prometheus wants him to use the power in destroying this world, and we want him to use the power in becoming a benevolent king.

Something that is not destined and what he wants. Would his will be stronger than his fate?

[Our wish and the king's will...]

For now, I cannot tell you the exact answer. Perhaps, everything has been messed up when we let the traitor knight take away the king from us.

But, if his will is strong enough to go against his fate that is to destroy this world, we have a chance to correct our future.

[Only the king's will can save us?]

I don't know him. The little child, that you know, may not be his true self.

Let's hope that our king, the owner of the Absolute Soul Core, will be able to keep himself from going berserk as the Lord of Destruction.

That is the only hope for us.

(Receive Reward)

[The king's will...]