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The War
Level Range: 58-60
Preceded by The Sword of the Guardian
Followed by The Missing King

The War is a storyline in Cabal

Below are the quests that are included in this storyline:[ | ]

Completion notes[ | ]

The Burgeoning War:
"Although, you will not be directly affected by the war, you must not forget to train in order to survive rough situations."
The Void in Order:
"The instructor Gette seems to be worrying about many things, such as the war and about Naain."
The Dissolution of the Merchants:
"You could not tell the truth to LIbert as you saw him being so happy. As long as he is happy, everything will be fine."
Guerilla Warfare:
"Fortunately, the army of Medinak has retreated from Desert Scream."
The Mechanic Demons:
"It seems that the machine monsters have something to do with the mages. It is possible that the Mage Guild holds the key to this matter.
An Armistace Agreement:
"The machine monsters that appeared in the desert have damaged both the Police Judin and Medinak armies. Both countries decided to make a truce in order to investigate the monsters."