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The Vampire Castle
Given by: Prewitt
Location: Bloody Ice
Level: Level 96
Requirements: None
Type: Hidden

Introduction[ | ]

Supposedly, there is a group of unique monsters called 'the named mob' in a hidden area of Undead Ground.

Objective[ | ]

Let's go find the Vampire Steward, one of the Undead Ground named monster wandering around the camp of the dead. Supposedly it is easy to find the sealed box from the monster.

Undead Ground map
MapLinkChoice Location of Vampire Steward in Undead Ground (240,50)

Vampire Steward

  • Obtain [1] Sealed Box: Record of the Vampire Farm.

Reward[ | ]

You must return to Prewitt in Bloody Ice for the reward.

Experience: 920,000 Exp
Amount: 620,000 Alz
Honor Points: 17

Dialogue[ | ]