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The Sword of the Guardian
Level Range: ?-60
Preceded by The Secret Organization: Part 3
Followed by The War

The Sword of the Guardian is a storyline in Cabal

Below are the quests that are included in this storyline:[ | ]

Completion notes[ | ]

The Vanished knight:
Veradrix said that the owner of the memorial core would have taken the core on his own. Can this be true?
The owenr of the third card
Veradrix said that she would gather information from the rumors. She asked you to keep the 3rd Apocalypse card until you meet the true owner of the card.
pursue, patren
Veradrix said that she felt funny as if 'someone is playing with us'. Hopefully the owner of the card will reveal as soon as possible.
Arionell? Aike?
You need to check if Arionell is the owner of the 3rd Apocalypse card. Let's go back and wait until Veradrix contacts you.
Yuan will give you the information that Naain has left behind. Let's try harder to investigate the Secret Organization so that you can make Naain's effort worthwhile.
Sirius' Letter
Sirius suddenly disappeared saying that he needs to do something very important. He also said that he would like the rest of the poeople to take care of his things, if he does not come back. Does this mean that he has found out about the Secret Organization?
Port Lux, Heathens
Yuan seems to be convinced that Port Lux is where the headquarters of the heretics religion is located. Let's go wait until she finishes the investigation.
Arionell Leaves
After Arionell realized her duty as of 'the king's companion', she has left on a journey to find the 'Two Face King'. Let's wish for her a safe return.
The Sacrifice of the Heathens
According to Naain's report, the Secret Organization that attempted to contact the heretics is called 'Prometheus'. What are they looking for? Why are they stirring up the human world?
Candid Provocation
We must stop the heretics from assaulting innocent people. Hopefully, we can find out who is behind the heretics as soon as possible.
The Undead Clan
As you asked for her opinion in collaborating with the Undead Monsters to take care of Kashu and the Dark Clan at once, Yuan said that she needed some time to think about it. Let's go back and give her some time. Your idea can be very risky.
The Return of Arionell
We do not know enough tiem or man power to search every single place. You miss consulting with the former Sirus sage whenever you encounter difficulty, and now you wonder if he is safe.
The Restless Companion Star
Arionell seems to be very agitated by bad thoughts. You sensed her strong resentment toward Silverwood, although he can be either the king or the knight. If he has deliberately taken away Patren, what would this intention?
Maintaining Battle Lines
Yuan wants to proceed with your idea of collaborating with the Undead Clan monsters. Let's elaborate on the plan.
Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat
Yuan has made up her mind as Tesky, who was accepted by her master, showed a positive response to this matter. Let's go speak with the Bloody Ice officer to find out more about Tesky's story.
The Altar of the Blizzard
The Bloody Ice officer said that he has not seen the Patrens. Why have they visited the altar? And could it be that was former Sirius sage who reportedly has followed after them?
Another Beginning
Yuan and you, as of the strongest ones among the group, decided tot ake the rolest of wild cards for this project. Let's go back and wait for further instructions.
The Outbreak of War
There is no official excuse for us to get involved with it. Let's observe the situation and see if you can find out who is behind this war.
The Unexpected Clue
He promised to contact me if he finds anything. Maybe he is behind king to me because of Naain. However, you don't think you will be able to find the Patrens soon.
One Footstep
Veradrix said that the 'Two Face King' must be awakened as soon as the others. And she also said that the 'special core piece' was once called the Absolute Soul Core. This core piece must be an important key for this situation.