The Sacrifice of the Heathens
Given by: Yuan
Location: Port Lux
Requirement: Level 55
Type: Scenario
Scenario Sword of the Guardian
Followed by Candid Provocation


Yuan, who is at the official residence of Port Lux, is looking for me. Go inside and meet her.


Go find the place where the heretics perform their rituatls and take care of them. Once you finish that task, go back to Yuan.


You must return to Yuan in Port Lux for the reward:

Experience: 93,952 EXP
Amount: 54,000alz


Completion Dialogue

Dialogue with Yuan

"There is something that I have not told you yet.
Naain said that the secret society known as Prometeus lies behind all the matters into which we are looking.
My strong suspicion of Port Lux is due to information I heard indicating that the members of Prometeus are aiming to contact the heathens.
I wonder what they are scheming...."
[[So the name of the secret society is Prometeus...]
"Though you performed a good sweep of them, apparently, some of them escaped via the port.
We must fully mobilize our information network throughout the three continents to carefully watch their actions and ascertain where they have gone and what they are planning to do.
First... It's Arionell, isn't it? She must return first.
[Wait for Arionell.]
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