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The Red Blade of Calm
Given by: Simon
Location: Bloody Ice
Level: Level 87
Requirements: None
Type: Hidden

Introductory[ | ]

Supposedly, there is a group of unique monsters called 'the named mob' in a hidden area of Undead Ground.

Objective[ | ]

Let's go find the Ghost Assassin with the red blade, one of the 'named mob' in Undead Ground. Supposedly, it would not be easy to find the sealed box from the monster.

Undead Ground map
MapLinkChoice Location of the Ghost Assassin in Undead Ground (145,243)
  • Obtain [1] Sealed Box: Record of Wrath

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Simon in Bloody Ice for the reward:

Experience: 550,000 EXP
Amount: 350,000 Alz
Honor Points: 14

Dialogue[ | ]

Introductory Dialogue[ | ]

As I said last time, I will tell you another named monster in the Undead Ground.

The ghosts found there carry Weapons.Among them there are those that carry red blades.

they are called As before bring back the boxes containing ancient records that they carry.

Can you do it?

I shall take the chalange

Ah...Indeed, I still feel unprepared

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon message