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The Legendary Clan
Given by: Dunhike
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 91
Requirements: Map Part
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Again, The Story of Humans
Preceding quest: Sirius in Tears
Following quest: Phantasmal Clan's Card

Introduction[ | ]

Phantasmal Clan. Although they have existed for a long time, their power was too weak to be recognized by the world. Thus, the clan has been said to exist only in the legend.

Objective[ | ]

After all, Mr. Heill must be the right person to ask about a legend. Let's pay him a visit.

  • First you still must have the warp card to speak to Mr. Heill.
  • Second you need to go to the fourth door and run through a simple dungeon to speak to Mr. Heill.


  • Next, obtain a LID map part and run through to the end.



  • Before Killing Zidgris Faello:
  • Talk to a stone behind Zidgris Faello in Lake in Dusk. Click on the curved white obelisk behind the portal building.



Reward[ | ]

You must return to Nodaka in Green Despair for the reward.

Experience: 1,100,071,240 exp
Amount: 1,090,000 alz

Dialogue[ | ]