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Level 80

Procedures[ | ]

  1. Go to the entrance of the Abandoned Station Building to accept the quest.
  2. Enter the building.
  3. Talk to Mystic Blade.
  4. Head to Bloody Ice and go to the Ghost's habitat.
  5. Enter the portal there, leading to Undead Ground.
  6. Keep to the left part of the map and run (to avoid getting killed by strong monsters there) towards the Death Giant's Bone Tomb, guarded by Ghost Assassin.
  7. Click the Death Giant's Bone Tomb, and take the item from it.
  8. Bring the item to Mystic Blade at the same place he is residing.
  9. Enter The Group Camp located at Hound S-01's habitat.
  10. Talk to Rin.

Name: Abandoned Station Building
Location: Fort. Ruina

In order to complete the next step go to the Grocer in Bloody Ice and buy Ring of Oath

In order to complete the next step go to:
The door to Undead Ground by Bloody Ice

And now to complete the next step go to Undead Ground and touch:
Death Giant's Bone Tomb

And in order to almost complete the quest go to:
Closed Train Station

And for completing it go to:
The Group Camp Dungeon