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The Clan Master
Given by: Schuteberk (Officer)
Location: Green Despair
Level: Level 63
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: The Missing King
Preceding quest: Silverwood's Identity
Following quest: The Sad Arionell

Introductory[ | ]

Every monster clan is organized under a clan master.

Objective[ | ]

The Plant Clan monsters were agitated by the Mage Guild and have been brutally attacking people. When you go outside heading to the north east from the town, you will be able to find their lair somewhere around the bitterleaf Cave inside the mutated jungle.

Dungeon Penalty:28,100 EXP

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Aldebaran in Desert Scream Adventurer LodgingGpsDesert Scream Adventurer Lodging for the reward:

Experience: 436,482 EXP
Amount:130,000 Alz

Dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon message:
"You have successfully eliminated the Plant Clan monsters inside the Mutated jungle lair. Let's report to the Aldebaran sage."