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The Burgeoning War
Given by: Dunhike
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 58
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: The War
Preceding quest: The Outbreak of War
Following quest: The Void in Order

Introductory[ | ]

War has begun in Huan. It seems that it won't end easily.

Objective[ | ]

Listen to Dunhike's story.

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Dunhike in Desert Scream for the reward:

Experience: 10,000 EXP
Amount: 58,000 Alz

Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Dunhike:

"Have you come after hearing the news also? Right, as you know, war has broken out. The polises of Judin and the Medinak have been engaged in a precarious tug-of-war over the Sainteye River for quite a long time... All things ran amuck as soon as that fine balance was upset. Something like this would have been expected to a certain extent."
[Just pass by.]
[It seems it won't matter if I do not listen to this.]
[The Sainteye River was the cause of the conflict?]
"That's right. The Sainteye River is the continent's largest river that crosses the northern part of the Cont. Huan. To be sure, the rivers and streams that extend through each polis are in large part tributaries originating from this river. In dry areas that lack water, the river beholds an even greater importance that goes beyond merely that of a water resource."
[Listen to more.]
[By just hearing this much, I can figure out the rest.]
[I'm getting a headache. Just leave.]
"The reason for this is that there is a large vein of ore in the upper reaches of the Sainteye River. The various resources produced from the underground area of this region accounts for over 80% of all the resources used throughout the continent.
As that vein straddles both the Polis Judin and the Polis Medinak, the two polises collected the resources in conjunction and exported them to other areas. However, it's unheard of to establish a border right in the middle of a river. Thus, the polises obviously had differing opinions pertaining to ownership.
The territory of Polis Medinak includes a large portion of that vein. The portion of the vein that lies in Polis Judin is visibly smaller."
[So, Polis Judin must have been displeased.]
"No, not necessarily. Though Polis Medinak contains a much larger portion of the vein, there are many disused mines as much of the production has been exhausted. moreover, as the geography is quite harsh, any deep excavation costs much money."
[Then what is Polis Judin hoping to gain?]
"In truth, if both of the POlis Judin and the Polis Medinak just managed well the portion of the vein that they currently have, their economies could both be healthy for quite a long time into the future. However, indeed, there is no end to human ambition.
The polis Medinak is seeking to obtain a richer source of resources. The polis Judin is seeking to obtain a vaster area of the vein. Thus, they have been engaged in a ceaseless confrontation. To be sure, there has been a long history of small and large wars between the two polises."
[So this is not the first time.]
"That's right. However, in the past, such wars could be seen as inevitable, as the polises were established followed by the expansion of residential areas to the various barren areas within the continent. In any case, recent times have seen various cases of disappearances as well as the spread of the dangerous heathens. And surely, the enemy to all, the demons, seem to continue adding to the power of that force. Though it was the polis Medinak that caused provocation by increasing its military force along the border of the Sainteye River, it was the Polis Judin that officially declared war. Though the tension was always high during the ongoing armistice, none of the people of both poolises imagined that war would truely break out.
However, as it the mayors of the two polises both thought that 'the time has finally come', they both accepted the outbreak of war without a flinch. As it's said that the mercenary army of Polis Judin persuaded the mayor to take action, it's not impossible for something liek this to have happened. It seems the mayor was the only one who did not know that they have always been waiting for a chance to take over the position as the regular army of the polis. In fact, with the start of this war, they have received the war supplies given to the regular army and are being treated on a level equal to that of the regular army. Though the regular army would have ample reason to object, the head of the army seems to be exercising tolerance as it is wartime.
Though they have opposed each other for so long, I feel that some 'impulse' brought about the start of this war. After all, the current time wouldn't seem to be appropriate. With similar military might, no matter who ends up winning, I'm sure that the sacrifices made will be huge beyond imagination. Though, as a special government colony under the direct jurisdiction of the Tower Sages, we are not direct participants, we must always be prepared for any possibility."
[I shall make sure that I am always prepared as well.]