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The Ancient Continent, Senillinea
Given by: Procyon's Official Quarters Entrance
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 190
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Beginning of True Battle
Preceding quest: Crossing the Senea Ocean
Following quest: The Dispatched Team's Mission

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 988,001,257 EXP
Amount: 2,200,000 Alz
Honor Point: 2,000,000

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

The Sage is calling for you.

Go inside.


[Go inside.]
[Maybe next time...]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Procyon[ | ]


I heard everything from Leedy.

Hmm, the nations are actually expanding quite rapidly on Senillinea.

Procyon has established an outpost on the northern side of the continent, and we're confronting Capella and their outpost on the southern side...


[I see.]

You did a good job keeping the peace in the Arcane Trace.

I think it will be a good idea to dispatch you to Senillinea for a while. You'll be able to help Procyon expand among the local people.


[I'll do my best.]

Hmm, You'll have to meet directly with the local populace to know what kind of place it is.

Please meet with the Senillineans living at the Procyon outpost and listen to what they have to say.


[Understood. I'll go right now.]

Biniyo (Warehouse Keeper)[ | ]

Hmm. A new face.

Is it your first time here?

You came from Nevareth, right?


[Yes, that's right.]



There's a lot you don't know about this place, huh?

Despite the way I look, I'm actually qyite a nice person. Feel free to ask a lot of questions, haha!


[O-oh. THank you.]
[Previous story]

Do you want to know about Senillinea?

Senillinea has been safe from invasions from outside for a long time.

Its history and culture go back centuries. Even the animals have been around for quite a while.

Actually, the animals are... more like protectors of the land who represent fear.


[Listen to the next story.]
[Previous story]

Actually , Senillinea was very peaceful up until a certain turning point.

It was a land with an overall chilly climate and evergreen trees. The center of the continent has a high elevation and was used as pasture.

The residents established a place to live there and the guardian animals came to inhabit the north and south.


[Previous story]
[It seems like the animals are considered guardian gods.]

There's a tower in the absolute center.

It's believed the tower was build by an ancient creature and is seen as a holy place.

All of Senea's history and intensive research of nature was inside.

That is, before that certain turning point.


[What turning point?]
[Previous story]

Huh? Turning point?

Ah, that happened before I was even born. Hahaha.

Grandma Houta, that older woman over there, would know more about that!


[Go to Weapon Dealer Houta.]
[Previous story]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Houta (Weapon Dealer)[ | ]

This is the first time I've seen you.

I see, you're a Nevarethian.


[Yes, that's correct. It's a pleasure to meet you.]

Hmm, do you want to learn about what's happened on this continent?

Do you see that tower?

It used to be like an ivory tower, the central point for all research, but it's been closed for a long time now.

A forbidden experiment conducted in the tower spewed out terrible power and shook the foudations of the whole continent.


[A terrible power...!]
[Previous story]

Up until then, Senillineans either lived as simple shepherds in the pasture or as scholars researching ancient history and nature in the tower.

The first Nevarethians to appear on the continent took our scholars and started performing strange experiments.

It caused our whole continent to change.


[How did it change?]
[Previous story]

The continent's southern area and northern area became polar opposites.

The southern area is no longer cold and foggy.

The guardians don't live there. Gigantic insects and trees are attacking humans.


[This place definitely isn't cold.]
[Previous story]

However, the guardians in the northern region don't protect humans like they used to.

Everything has changed.

The guardians have become frightening creatures.

Ever since the experiments at the tower.


[Previous story]
[Who performed what kind of experiments?]

I don't know anything about those people.

Nothing is known about them except for the fact that they were Nevarethian.

However, they're the reason that Senillinea was completely split in two.

The north and south.


[Previous story]
[I see... The contient was split in two.]

Everyone on Senillinea misses the old days.

But that doesn't mean they like each other right now.

Ever since Capella and Procyon settled in, the conflict between the north and south has been intense. Movement between the north and south is currently forbidden.


[Somehow, it feels like there's a more intense battle than the one on Nevareth.]