The Altar of the Blizzard
Given by: Henkoff
Location: Bloody Ice
Requirement: Level 57
Type: Scenario
Scenario Sword of the Guardian
Preceded by Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat
Followed by Another Beginning


Yuan, who is at the official residence of Port Lux, is looking for me. Go inside and meet her.


One of the Bloody ice folklores is about an Amnesiac Shade, the keeper of the Snow Storm altar. Let's go to the place and see if the folklore is true. Continue on to Blizzard Altar dungeon and meet Shade.

Penalty: -22,080 EXP
Time Limit: 40 Minutes


You must meet with Henkoff in Bloody Ice for the reward:

Experience: 98,632 EXP
Amount: 57,000 Alz


Introductory Dialogue

Completion Dialogue

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