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Requirements[ | ]

  • Level: 76

Procedures[ | ]

  1. Talk to Crowpar in Fort. Ruina.
  2. Head to The Group Camp in Hound S-01's habitat.
  3. Talk to Yuan.
  4. Talk to Freed.
  5. Talk to Arionell.
  6. Talk to Aike.
  7. Talk to Rin.

Name: The Group Camp Dungeon
Location: Fort. Ruina

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

Quest List[ | ]


The report of Destruction reverberated throughout Fort. Ruina all night yesterday.

In progress

The report of Destruction reverberated throughout Fort. Ruina all night yesterday and the guards of the Observation Points disappeared all of sudden. No one knows where they are or what has happened to them. Let's go talk to the Yuan to see if they know anything.

NPC(s) Dialogue[ | ]


"Did you heard the destructive noises last night? I have been in many different places of Nevareth, but I have never heard that kind of frightening noises in my life! The noises went on all night and then finally stopped when the morning was come. Arrgh... I am still in fear of the noises!"


[What is going on?]

"Fortress Ruina is still on discovery stage. People still don't know much about this area, except this town and some places where are inhabited by monsters. This area is too huge and inhabited by very dangerous monsters, therefore the land exploration work was making very slow progress. Few years ago, the work was forced to be stopped after every member of the expeditiono has disappeared."


[I see.]

"Even so, we set up observation points on where the exploration work was taken places to keep security within the areas. Then, the guards of the observation points were reported to have been missing ever since last night! The last night's noises were horrible as if war has begun... no one was brave enough to go outside of their house and see what was going on. And now this incident happened!"


[What was happened last night?]

"The guards in town have went to search for them... hopefully the missing guards will safely return soon. I am so frustrated because the Sage Tower has not yet responded to us even though this is an extremely urgent matter! I feel like we don't have everywhere to rely on."


[Let's talk to Yuans.]


"Yeah, I heard the sound of destruction. I happened to be outside when the event was occured. I saw some kind of havoc going on from a distance, and it was as if the end of the world has come. Sparks, splinters and fragements were shot to everywhere. Yeah, I have never seen that kind of crazy scene in my life."


[The sound of destruction, huh?]

"Obviously, that means that the king has awakened with his power and finally gotten into his business, which is to bring the Great Destruction. That also means that he is unable to control himself and has went berserk, you know."


[Patren has went berserk.]

"If he fully awakens as the Lord of Destruction, there is no one who can be his match. Then, we cannot stop him from destroying the world."


[Ah... that doesn't sound good.]


"I met some town people in the morning, and they said that everything has been destroyed in where the horrible noises were coming from. The people were so frightened and panicked for a possibility that it could happen in this town any time."


[Let's talk to Rainelle.] (Arionell, spelling error)


"I heard the news, too. People said that the only area that has not been destroyed during last night was the town, as if it was planned or as if someone wanted to keep the town from the destruction. Thus, I don't think that there is any casualty from the last night's event. Patren must have not completely lost his mind... don't you think?"


[I think that he is afraid of his uncontrollable power.]


"I am worried if Arionell would stay up all night in anxiety for days. *Sigh*... I have no idea what on earth is going on, but at least I know this is not good for her at all. By the way, I wish Bean's safety while he stays in the Sage Tower.


[Aike is greatly worried about Arionell.]


"I think that the kid is being tortured and tormented. I can feel that from my heart... ha ha. After all, he is my lord whom I must protect upon my life. He was able to keep the town safely from his insanity, however I don't think that the same thing is going to happen next time."


[I guess so.]

I know that I am not supposed to think this way... but I have this bad feeling that we might not be able to get him back before it is too late. Wouldn't it possible that Saint Valentine has planned everything, including the traitor knight taking away the king from us and making him the Lord of Destruction? *Sigh*... never mind, I was just having bad thoughts. Hopefully we will find the kid soon.

(Received Reward)


[Would it be possible that the traitor knight was also a part of evil plan?]