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Pherystin Crystal.jpg Pherystin Orb.gif
Pherystin Crystal Pherystin Orb
Ring of Fighter 4.png Ring of Sage 4.png Ring of Champion 4.png
Ring of Fighter +4 Ring of Sage +4 Ring of Champion +4
Ogre Power Amulet.png Genius Amulet.png Rapid Amulet.png
Ogre Power Amulet Genius Amulet Rapid Amulet
File:Bracelet of Brute+1.png File:Bracelet of Serenity +1.png
Bracelet of Brute +1 Bracelet of Serenity +1
Protection Earring 1.png Vital Earring 1.png
Protection Earring +1 Vital Earring +1
Formula Card
  • No.113 (Astral Bike Card - RW3 (1slot))
  • No.117 (Astral Bike Card - Blue (1slot))
  • No.118 (Astral Bike Card - RW3 (2slot))
  • No.119 (Astral Bike Card - Blue (2slot))