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Weapon: [[{{{Weapon1}}}s|{{{Weapon1}}}]]
Armor: [[{{{Armor}}}set armors|{{{Armor}}}set]]
Skills: Battle style skills, Common skills, Social skills
Starting location: [[{{{Home}}}]]


Starting stats
Strength: {{{StartStr}}}
Intelligence: {{{StartInt}}}
Dexterity: {{{StartDex}}}
HP: {{{StartHP}}}
MP: {{{StartMP}}}
HP per level: +?
MP per level: +?
Critical rate: 5%
Critical damage: 20%
Recommended stat distribution
{{{RecStr1}}} strength, {{{RecInt1}}} intelligence, {{{RecDex1}}} dexterity

For Stat point values, details will be added separately due to differences.


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