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Sullivan (Core Alchemist)
NPC DesertScream Magic.gif
Location Desert Scream
Profession (Core Alchemist)Core Alchemist.png
Description Sells up to Blue Steel magic arms categories for Wizards. She also sells life potion, mana potion, return stones warp cards for quest and accessories for second job. Also if you take force core to her she adds new properties into their item. She is interested in broad spectrum of knowledge and there is rumors she rewards people who ever grants favor of researching forbidden staff.
Location Map
Mapx pink.png
Desert Scream map.png
Mapx pink.png Location of Sullivan (Core Alchemist) in Desert Scream (98,207)

Services Provided[]

Personal Shop Contents[]

Crude Crystal.jpg Red Crystal.jpg Coraleye Crystal.jpg Citrine Crystal.jpg Bluestin Crystal.jpg
Crude Crystal Red Crystal Coraleye Crystal Citrine Crystal Bluestin Crystal
Crude Orb.gif Red Orb.gif Coraleye Orb.gif Citrine Orb.gif Bluestin Orb.gif
Crude Orb Red Orb Coraleye Orb Citrine Orb Bluestin Orb
Ring of Fighter.png Ring of Sage.png Ring of Champion.png Critical Ring.png Ring of Luck.png
Ring of Fighter Ring of Sage Ring of Champion Critical Ring Ring of Luck
Amulet of Strength.png Amulet of Intelligence.png Amulet of Dexterity.png
Amulet of Strength Amulet of Intelligence Amulet of Dexterity
ETC HP S.gifETC HP M.gifETC HP L.gif ETC MP S.gifETC MP M.gifETC MP L.gif
HP Potion (Lv 1,2,3) MP Potion (Lv 1,2,3)
Return Stone.gif File:Warp Stone.gif Aura Transmuter.png
Return Stone Warp Stone Aura Transmuter