Cabal Wiki

All Monster on the Map:

Force Core High/Highest, Upgrade Core High/Highest, Seal of the Darkness, Siena's Crest B1F/B2F, Forgotten Temple B1F/B2F, Lost Island Compass, Panic Cave, Powerfull Core, Powerless Core, Ruin Train Ride, Apocalypse Dimension,

Mossite : Bracelets +1/ +2. (no adept)

Viant : Bracelets +1/ +2. (no adept)

Ectoleaf / Branny :

Redosmium / Topaz +0 or above (1 or 2 slot), Mithril items sloted / max crafted, Discs Lvl. 4, Material Core Redosmium / Mithril / Blue Mithril, Bracelet of Fighter +2 (Amp in Slot),Defense rune,