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Soyoung (Core Alchemist)
NPC FortRuina Magic
Location Fort Ruina
Profession (Core Alchemist)Core Alchemist
Description Sells up to Pherystin magic arms categories. She also sells life potions, mana potions, return stones and accessories for second jobs.
Location Map
Fort. Ruina map
MapLinkChoice Location of Soyoung (Core Alchemist) in Fort. Ruina (248,204)

Services Provided[ | ]

Personal Shop Contents[ | ]

Pherystin Crystal Pherystin Orb
Pherystin Crystal Pherystin Orb
Ring of Fighter+4 Ring of Sage+4 Ring of Champion+4
Ring of Fighter +4 Ring of Sage +4 Ring of Champion +4
Ogre Power Amulet Genius Amulet Rapid Amulet
Ogre Power Amulet Genius Amulet Rapid Amulet
File:Bracelet of Brute+1.png File:Bracelet of Serenity +1.png
Bracelet of Brute +1 Bracelet of Serenity +1
Protection Earring+1 Vital Earring+1
Protection Earring +1 Vital Earring +1
Formula Card
  • No.113 (Astral Bike Card - RW3 (1slot))
  • No.117 (Astral Bike Card - Blue (1slot))
  • No.118 (Astral Bike Card - RW3 (2slot))
  • No.119 (Astral Bike Card - Blue (2slot))