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Current 3rd party programs[ | ]

T-Helper Gold Release (recommended + approved)[ | ]

T-Helper Gold Release
Information: Long time since T-Helper got his last update, that's why I present you now the "T-Helper - Gold Release", born from the ashes like a phoenix this delightful application comes up to give your cabal gaming experience a new whole taste.

From simple features up to new and fantastic abilities! If in the past you liked this piece you won't regret getting a bite on the new version.

Download homepage: CabalWiki.Com

  • Tasks Notes down all the tasks you have to do in a organized way
    • Check the tasks you already completed
    • Add a new task
    • Clear the task log
    • Edit the select task
    • Delete the select task
  • Notes Write down notes while playing, things you need to remember later
    • Choose if notes are saved on application close
    • Change from Horizontal to Vertical Scroll
  • Manual Updater Updates your cabal client to the latest version manually (this feature does not work with non-europe versions)
    • Incredible download speed
    • Checks for the latest version automatically, no need to update the application each time a new game update appears
    • Reads your Update.2nd in order to let you know if your cabal is up to date or not
    • Log box, everything the application does appears in the log box
    • Save the log, let's you save your log text, perfect if you had a problem or found a bug in the manual updater
    • Run cabal without launcher, after manual updating let's you bypass the launcher
    • Run cabal with launcher, after manual updating runs cabal with the default launcher
    • Warns if you are trying to upgrade your cabal to a old version
  • Skin Changer Let's you easily change your cabal skin
    • Browse the file and extracts it automatically at cabal folder
  • MP3 Player Low-Ram usage MP3 Player, let's you play while listening music and does not lag the game
    • Drastically uses less RAM then any other MP3 Player
    • Let's you minimize the player to the system tray
    • On the tray icon you can:
      • Play
      • Pause
      • Stop
      • Maximize
    • Load all the files inside a folder
    • Changes automatically to the next track once the current one has finished playing
    • Shows the Author, Album, Genre labels
  • Wiki Search Couldn't be easier!! Search for any information while playing!
    • Search for any keyword
    • Go Back
    • Go Forward
  • TFN News Check the Latest Friendz Network news! Including their private server news
  • Bug Fixer Quick and easy way to fix bugs
    • Fix the cabal crash bug
  • Game Guides Access to the game guides DB while playing! Need help on a quest? Simply search for the guide...
  • Auto Updater Updates the application automatically
  • T-Helper Latest News Get to know easily the latest updates made to T-Helper
  • Options T-Helper is fully configurable trough the option screen
    • Configure your cabal path
    • Configure the update client behavior[list]
    • Schedule Updates
    • Check for Updates
    • Check for updates at application start up
    • Notes Options
      • Horizontal scroll
      • Vertical Scroll
      • Save notes on app close
    • Tasks options
      • Add new task
      • Clear task log
      • Delete select task
      • Edit Selected task

Update2 (discontinued)[ | ]

Information: Update2 is an unofficial update client for CABAL Online, unlike the official, you will not get corrupted files, and the Check Files button will not only check for damaged file it will replace them as required.
Download homepage:

  • Auto-Updates itself
  • Auto-Updates CABAL Online
  • Auto-Updates ESTsofts Update client
  • Can Detect Individually dmanaged files and repair them
  • Downloads all updates via HTTP only
  • GameGuard HOSTS fix
  • Interal Driver Error/Mouse Stuck fix