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Skaild and the Mysterious Girl
Given by: Cox (Warehouse Keeper)
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 173
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Skaild in Love
Preceding quest: Skaild's Proposal Plan
Following quest: Crisis Point

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 878,490,284 EXP
Honor Point: 700,000

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

Ah, hey there. A message came for you from Skaild. The first in a while.

It says, "Hey! If you're curious about the girl, come over to your good buddy through the 4th Gate!"

Haha, you might as well get going


[Refuse to go.]
[Your curiosity about the girl demands that you go.]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

None available.

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Skaild[ | ]

You came! But you sure did make me wait awhile!


[Hey, so you're finally ready for your beating then, Skaild?]

This guy. Are you still hung up on that pittance you lent me!?

I used that money to buy something that was really hard to get my hands on.

Here, take it.


[What's this? A present from Skaild?]
[Listen to the previous story]

What is it, you ask? Haha.

Well, as you can see, it's a Procyon Guard Token!

Like I said, it was really hard to get, so don't you dare lose it! Hahahahaha!


[What? Why are you giving me this?]
[Listen to the previous story]

No other reason than... my unrequited love, of course!

The fair maiden I fell for at first sight...

is among the upper echelon of Procyon's advisors.

She is deeeeply connected to your mission!


[What kind of trick is this, anyway?]
[Listen to the previous story]

You're... my good buddy, right?

As weak and powerless as I am, it would be hard for me to even approadh my fair maiden...

I truly need your help...

You'll help me, right? Say you will! Hmm?


[The way he looks at you with that light in his eyes... Might this actually be true?]
[What are you thinking? This is Skaild we're talking about!]

Good... Good!

I knew you would help me, buddy!

If you succeed this time, I'll give you a monstrously huge present.

Go to Procyon's Office for me and find some information on my fair maiden.

Don't you dare forget the Procyon Guard Token I gave you, though! You'll need that to get inside.


[... That's one hell of a favor you agreed to.]