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Skaild's Proposal Plan
Given by: Cox (Warehouse Keeper)
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 172
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Skaild in Love
Preceding quest: Skaild Wants to Go Home
Following quest: Skaild and the Mysterious Girl

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 796,004,335 EXP
Honor Point: 700,000

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

Ah, hey there. A message came for you from Skaild. The first in a while.

It says, "Howdy! Hurry over to your good buddy through the 4th Gate. Come faster than fast!"

Haha, you might as well get going.


[Refuse to go.]
[What does the little rat have on his mind this time?]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

None available.

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Skaild[ | ]

Listen up! Now that you know about my secret, you have no chice but to get involved!


[Ugh, I shouldn't have even asked.]

Meeting her is gonna be like lassoing the moon.

So we need to take advantage of the rare opportunities we get to put me in the position to confess my love to her.


[Listen to the previous story]
[What kind of girl is she, that she would put you in such a lather?]

That, I too do not know. Ah-haha!

However, since I can't return home, I don't actually have any money.

I think I'll need to call in another favor from you, old pal.


[Listen to the previous story]
[Ugh, surely this fool isn't asking for money?]


You won't give me any?

I don't need all that much. No more than 500,000Alz...

You still won't give me even a bit?

But if you help me... I'll be able to confess my love to her...


[Might as well give him the money.]
[What are you thinking? This is Skaild we're talking about!]

Oh-ho, thaaank you!!! I knew you'd help!

Well, I'm off to the store.

I gotta get me some suave clothes!


[Hey! Wait a minute!]