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Secret Dealer Hirogley
NPC Bloody Ice Secret Dealer Hirogley
Location Bloody Ice
Profession Not Specified
Description No Description Given
Location Map
Bloody Ice map
MapLinkChoice Location of Secret Dealer Hirogley in Bloody Ice (54,25)

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Only characters above Lv. 180 can purchase.
  • Items will appear in 5 different slots with predetermined rate.
  • Once purchased, items in each slot will not be refilled until the next list gets updated

Shop Reset[ | ]

  • The list automatically resets once every day at 11:00 AM
  • Or a player can refresh the list using 10 x Force Gem

Possible Shop items[ | ]

Image Item name Price
Troglo's White Gold Fruit 10 x Troglo's White Gold Fruit 18 x Force Gem
File:Dragon Jewel.png 1 x Dragon Jewel 5 x Troglo's White Gold Fruit
File:Gold Insigna Elixir.jpg 1 x Gold Insigna Elixir 1 x Troglo's White Gold Fruit

Version History[ | ]

Version Changes
Episode XXV Introduced to the game.
Episode XXXI Changed entire shop list.