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Introduction[ | ]

When Mephistopheles “The Lord of Destruction” was sealed by Saint Valentine, a part of a powerful force has escaped and condensed into Saint’s Forcecalibur. Anyone who harnesses the power of this weapon will be unmatched.

Saint's Forcecalibur[ | ]

Weapon[ | ]

Forcecalibur weapon skin

Image Expire Binding Options
File:Fhffmjghfgfgfcorcecalibur weapon.gif 7days Character All Attack UP +400
Attack Rate UP +2000
Critical Rate UP +15%
Critical Damage UP +100%
All Skill Amp. UP +10%

Buff[ | ]

Image Options Duration Cool Down Requirements Range
Forcecalibur buff HP +500
Defense +50
Resist Critical Rate +10%
Resist Critical DMG +20%
Resist Skill Amp +5
30 minutes 5 minutes MP 500 Apply to Maximum 30 characters nearby who uses the skill

Obtaining[ | ]

  • Requirement: Lv. 110 or above characters who belongs to a nation
  • How To:
1. Enter "Saint's Island" located in the middle of Lakeside:
  • CABAL (NA-Global): Saturday 7:00 pm Cabal Time (Pacific), in Channel 20 of each server.
  • CABAL (EU): Saturday at 16:30 Cabal Time in Channel 24 of each server.
2. Kill Guardian of the Saint's Force Calibur Vaikalitan of Golden Sunset
(After killing it, only characters who belong to the nation that produced the most damage have a chance of acquiring the weapon.)
3. 30 seconds have to be passed in order to loot the drop.
  • Notes::
    • Only one player per server may acquire and use Saint’s Forcecalibur.
    • When the battle starts, Vaikalitan of Golden Sunset summons Tilagans and Gruvandas cyclically.
    • Multiple numbers of cores and buff potions will be dropped when killing Tilagan or Gruvanda.

Saints Island[ | ]

Location & Access[ | ]

Saints island Saints island access

Monsters[ | ]

Gruvanda Vaikalitan Tilagan
Gruvanda Vaikalitan Tilagan