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Spirit Points (SP) are used for Combo Skills, Battle Mode and/or Aura Mode.

Viewing SP on screen[ | ]

Gained SP is displayed in yellow colour. After attaining Battle Style Level 2, the SP lamp next to the SP gauge bar will be turned on every time when the bar becomes full. At Battle Style Level 2, you are entitled 1 SP lamp. With subsequent Battle Style Level Ups, the number of available SP lamps will increase to a maximum of 5 lamps.

Each Lamp is 5 000 SP. The amount you have currently can be shown by hovering your cursor over the HP/MP/SP stats at the top left hand corner of the screen.

Gaining SP[ | ]

SP can be gained by doing normal attacks, using skills or combos. A popular method would be dancing. However, SP cannot be regenerated during Mission War by these methods.
Wizards at Transcender level have a magic buff that can be used to increase regeneration of SP in a party. The skill is Raise Spirit.

References[ | ]

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