Ruina Station
Fort. Ruina map.png
Mapx pink.png Location of Ruina Station in Fort. Ruina (21,243)
Entry Item:
ETC Ruina.gif

Muster Card: Ruina Station
75 ~ 190
Duration: 30 min.
Reward for
150 Honor Points
1 Dungeon Points
Penalty for
None specified
Mob respawn time:


Also known as "RS" this dungeon is difficult for players <85 however it is the easist dungeon to level by grinding at the Invader Mechbuffalo (See guide below). It is a relatively short dungeon and a party of 1-3 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.

Tips for low level characters

  • Take 200+ HP Potion(LV3) the first time you go.
  • Wear at least Osmium armor.
  • Ideal party size is 3-4.


Some of the better items that can drop in this dungeon include:

For a summary of drops see: Dungeon Drops
A comprehensive drop table from EST is found at: Ruina Station Drop Table




Invader Mecha Ape T-2 icon.gif
*Invader Mecha Ape T-2
Invader Mecha Ape T-B icon.gif
*Invader Mecha Ape T-B
Excavator-alfa thumb.gif
*Invader Excavator-R2
Invader Mecha Bear icon.gif
*Invader Mecha Bear
Invader Mecha Spider icon.gif
*Invader Mecha Spider *Invader Mecha SpiderR

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