Cabal Wiki

There are many quests are avaialbe which give rewards such as items, Alz and EXP.

CABAL Online provides over 900 quests. Quests are divided into [Progress], [Scenario], and [General] depending on their characteristics, and they give you a chance to obtain necessary iname items; the in-game currency Alz, items, skills, and map codes.

Quests are a great source for motivation and fun, rendering the game scenario more engaging and your hunting experience more exciting.

Types of quests[ | ]

  • Storyline Quests – The main quests in Cabal. They have good rewards and are necessary to progress to different locations in Cabal.
  • Normal quests – Optional quests given by different NPCs. They usually involve killing monsters or acquiring items from drops.
  • Hidden Helper T quests – Optional quests. The task usually includes killing monsters for a hard-to-find item.
  • Daily quest – Repeatable quests that can be done once per day to gain EXP, Guild Points, AXP and Quest Capsules.
  • Battle Style Level Up – Level Up quests are mandatory quests for characters to increase their Class Rank.
  • Dungeons – Dungeon quests are started once inside the more complicated scenarios, and are used to provide hints on what to do next.
  • Capsule Quests - Quests received from a Quest Capsule. Possible rewards include EXP and Stain Clones upon completion.