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Purify Epaulet
Purify Epaulet
Description Protects it's user from toxic pollutants.
Type Costume Epaulet
Matching Armorset N/A
Level Req. 115
Effect HP: 300, Defense: 500

Note[ | ]

This epaulet only can be used inside the Forgotten Temple (B1F) dungeon. You can only get it from the Mutant Researcher which is one of the two NPCs inside the dungeon by paying him 1m Alz. In a part of the dungeon quest, you need to break the epaulet by using the C.A.Transmuter to get the quest items. If you didn't break it for the quest, once you come out from the dungeon the epaulet will no longer be with you.

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Purify Epaulet Male & Female