Cabal Wiki
Given by: Entrance to Elena's Room
Location: Fort. Ruina
Level: Level 189
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Explosive Summer
Preceding quest: Fragmented Soul
Following quest: Crossing the Senea Ocean (Other Scenario)

Introduction[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 3,535,457,434 EXP
Honor Point: 2,000,000

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

Elena is calling for you.

Go inside.


[Go inside.]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

None available.

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Elena[ | ]

There you are, Warrior.

I called you because I have something especially important to tell you.

I've come to a sort of conclusion as a result of the struggles I've been through.


[I'm so sorry that you had to go through so much pain.]

Haha, I wish I could have just forgotten about it all.

Wouldn't that be nice, to just forget?

But that didn't happen, and I know what fate is to come.

And aobut the role you are to play in all of it, Warrior.


[The role I am to play?]
[Listen to the previous story]

Yes. You know the answer already, don't you?

My gragmented soul and I, we're not meant to be in this world.

The one who still haunts your memories, Warrior... The one named Patren. My sister and I...

Are destined to share the same fate.


[... Patren!]
[Listen to the previous story]

Indeed, we were like vessels.

Vessels that contained a soul...

This soul possesses incredible power.

It has existed for eons on end.

People have known it by many different names over the passing milennia.

But its nature has forever remained the same.


[Listen to the previous story]
[What exactly is this soul you speak of?]

How can i possible define the force possessed by this soul?

The Lord of Desctruction's power? The Absolute Soul Core?

What name you give it doesn't matter.

What's important is that my other half and I...

We possess this power, the Absoulte Soul Core 's power that will annihilate the world...


[That cursed pwer completely overtuned the destiny of the twin sisters...]

Warrior, if you remember the child named Patren, you know how it must end for us.

My sister and I...

Disaster will strike if we aren't eliminated from this world, just like Patren.


[What are you saying...?]
[Listen to the previous story]

I'm not sure about my sister...

But my situation is dire.

I can't withhold the power much longer.

Sage Procyon knew well my role as half a vessel for that soul. But the sage was unaware of just how strong the pwer is that I contain.

Only my sister and I truly know its extent.


[Listen to the next stroy]
[Listen to the previous story]

Promise me, Warrior.

If you find my twin sister, the other half of my fragmented soul...

Promise ...

that you'll help us completely eliminate the severed power within us, the Absolute Soul Core...

Can you do that?


[Listen to the previous story]
[How... how can i possibly hurt you, Elena?]

Do you know how hard this is for me to ask of you, Warrior?

To ask anyone to hurt my only sister, who is more precious to me than my own life could ever be...

That might make me the absolute worst sister of all time, haha...

But, Warrior, if even one of us survives, the chain of power destined to reduce the entire world to ashes will remain unbroken.


[Listen to the previous story]
[So that's why Elena sometimes suddenly acts so different from her usually lighthearted self...]

I will be forever grateful to you if you keep your promise, Warrior.

I guess you could say it will be the sole remaining missing of my life, haha.


[It's the least i can do. I'll help.]
[Listen to the previous story]

... Thank you. I knew you would agree to help me, Warrior.

The road ahead will be riddled with trials...

I must ask that you don't waver in walking it.


[Quest Complete]