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Prometheus in Pursuit
Given by: Aike in House of the Dead in Undead Ground
Location: Forgotten Ruin
Level: Level 96
Requirements: The Copy Ring of the Oath
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Again, The Story of Humans
Preceding quest: The Truth of the Seal
Following quest: Rigel

Introduction[ | ]

Prometheus is able to locate the king by using the ASC controller.

Objective[ | ]

Speak with:

  • Aike
  • Rin
  • Find Prometheus's hideout dungeon.

(The dungeon location will be marked where the specters and wraiths are)

Dungeon Penalty: -119,490 exp
Dungeon Time Limit: 22:00:00

Reward[ | ]

You must return to Rin in House of the Dead in Undead Ground for the reward.

Experience: 1,047,744exp
Amount: 1,190,000 Alz

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon Dialogue:
"Ever since Prometheus realized that they are no longer able to control the king, they decided to fully awaken the king. Let's investigate this place to see what they are plotting."

completion dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon Dialogue:
"You have successfully found a Sage Rigel's belonging from the place where Prometheus performed some kind of rituals. Since everything around Sage Rigel becomes to have life, and follows wherever she goes