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Obsolete[ | ]

Info-Logo Note: Please be aware that Professional Crafting guide is not available in the game anymore, it has been replaced with Professional Amity Crafting.

Professional Crafting[ | ]


Congratulations, now that you have a transmuter, you can finally start to craft. Press "F" and choose Professional Craft. As you can see, you begin your crafting journey with "Class 4" equipment (Aramid, Shadowsteel or Citrine, depending on the type of your transmuter). In the upper part of the window you can see 2 drop-down menus. With the one on right you can choose which "class" of equipment are you going to craft. For example if you chose the Martial Transmuter, you'll have to start with Aramid equipment. With the left menu, you can choose what type of item you want to craft. In this case it's Martialhelm, Martialboots, Martialgloves and Martialsuit. Below the 2 menus is the crafting skill bar. You start with 0%. Whenever you create an item, a certain value will be added to your crafting bar. How much will be added depends on quality of the item you create. Note that each type of item has a separate crafting bar. To reach the next level of crafting and get the ability to craft higher class equipment, you need to have 100% in the crafting bar for the particular type of item.

Crafting Materials[ | ]

When you choose the item you want to craft, you'll see what materials you need in the bottom part of the window.

There are 4 basic types of material you need for crafting:

1. Equipment Item
This is a weapon, armor or piece of jewelry depending on the type of craft. For example, if you're going to craft a Aramid Martialhelm of Guard you'll need a +0 Aramid Martialhelm.
Note: Starting with Titanium class equipment onward you'll need a slotted or double-slotted equipment to craft the item. (Sometimes even with an enchantment) You can hover your mouse over the requirements to see additional info on the item you need.
2. A Shape Cartridge
Depending on the type of craft you will need an Armor, Battle, Martial, Sword or Artifact shape cartridge. You can buy the Level 1 cartridges from Grocers in the 3 starting zones. Higher level cartridges are dropped by monster.
3. Material Cores, Circuit Jewels or Quartz Cores
For Armor and Sword crafting you need Material Cores of the same grade you are crafting (Aramid Material Cores for Aramid equipment, etc.). Orbs and Crystals require Quartz Cores, and Amulets and Rings require Circuit Jewels. You can get these by breaking items: Material Cores from armor pieces, Quartz Cores from orbs and crystals and Circuit Jewels from jewlery. To break an item right click on your transmuter and then left click on the item you want to break. The extract window will popup (see image) . You can get 1, 2, 4 or 10 cores from 1 item. The number of cores you get depends on your luck. For example, if you break an Aramid Martialsuit you'll get 1-10 Aramid cores. From upgraded (+1-7) and blue items you can also get the Force core and Upgrade core pieces, which you'll need for Basic Crafting.
4. Discs
The type of disk needed depends on the type of craft and the grade of item being crafted. You can buy level 1 discs from the Core Alchemist in Port Lux. Higher level discs are dropped by monsters.

Leveling up[ | ]


Craft license card

After you reach 100% in a type of item, you can create an item of proof. The requirements for crafting an item of proof are slightly different than those of normal items. For example, let's say you've reached 100% in Aramid Martialhelm craft. You have to create an Aramid Martialhelm of proof. The materials you need are Aramid Martialhelm of Amp. (which you can start to craft at 60%), Martial Shape cartridge Lvl.1, 8 Aramid Material Cores and 6 Earth Discs Lvl1. However, it can't be just any Martialhelm of Amp. If you would hover your mouse over the requirements, you would see that it must be a Martialhelm of Adept with 2% Sword Amp. A helm with Magic Amp, or with only 1% Sword Amp wouldn't work. When you manage to craft your item of proof you can go to Port Lux Core Alchemist from which you'll get a Craft license card. You can right click it to upgrade your crafting.