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Playing Cabal Online can generally be split into two more or less separate parts: Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE).

While in PvE human players fight cooperatively together against computer-controlled foes, they can also compete in the PvP war server.. PvP is a competitive game mode where human players can only fight against other human players. Only in PvP you can win Honour Points

There are three different PvP modes:

War Server

You can acess to the war channel in any server (mercury or mars). In the war server players name will be converted into numbers and they can't whisper or talk in the chat. This is because if the their name were visible or if they could talk in the chat or whisper probably they would call friends and make mass destructions there (they would kill a lot of players), using this method it's much more far to the players which are in the war server.

Guild vs Guild Battles

Guild battles are the ones which make more damage due to the number of players used in the fight.

If you want to know more check the Guild Vs Guild Page


Duels are quite famous, normaly the duel system is much more used then any other (exept for the war server).
This system desn't have a death penaltie unlike the normal PvE system.
Once you reach Class 2 you will be able to bet honour points on the duel.

For more info check the duels pages.

Conduct & Etiquette

  • PMing defeated opponents to "own" or "serve" them is uncalled for. Everyone tries their best and winning simply means you performed well. It does not mean that your opponents were bad. Conduct yourself with sportsmanship and good manners.
  • PMing your opponents to complain and comment about their tactics after the match  is very rude.
  • Using low level equipement to look like you aren't in a high lvl while you are, only to fight lower levels players is considered extremly rude and normaly this results in flaming
  • Running to citys while fightning with someone is considered a coward act, unless you didn't have full HP when the duel started or your opponent is much higher level then you (if he lied).