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Player Kill is a type of Player vs Player that does not require a targeted character's consent.
Player Kill has certain penalties; the more you Player Kill, the higher the severity of the penalties.

A Player Kill can only be initiated in white (normal) channels.

Starting PK[ | ]

Activate PK mode under the options menu (O or ESC > Option > Game tab > Tick on Forced PK) or shortcut key CTRL+F.

Click a target character and a skill button to initiate attacks. You will receive a message informing that a PK has started.

If there is no interaction between the two characters for a set duration after a PK is started, the PK will be automatically ended.

PKSystem 02 04

Message when PK has started

PKSystem 03 04

Message when PK has ended

[Tip] You are allowed to use HP Potions while PKing. Use Fade Step (Sword Skill) or Tumbling (Social Action) to avoid being targeted.

PK penalties[ | ]

  • If you attempt another PK while in PK Penalty status, you will lose 1,000 Honor Points.
  • If you kill a character while in PK Penalty status, you will lose 10,000 Honor Points on the top of the 1,000 points that you have lost by attempting a PK.
  • If you continue attempting PK while in PK Penalty status, the severity and duration of penalty will be increased. The color of the name of the player shows in which stage he/she is.
Number of PKs Penalty Duration Name color
1 Cannot use shops for 10 minutes. 10 minutes Light orange
2 Cannot converse with NPCs. Lose 10 Honor Points. 30 minutes Orange
3 Cannot converse with NPCs. Other players can PK you without consequence. 60 minutes Red
4 Cannot converse with NPCs. Chance of dropping equipment upon death. 100 minutes Dark red
5 Sent to jail for 150 minutes. 150 minutes Black

Jail[ | ]

After you get 5 successive PKs, you go to Jail which is a randomly generated labyrinth. You can escape if you are lucky. However, depending on where you land you might not be able to get out before time runs out.

I advise you to follow your left or right hand and stick to the wall so that you won't get lost.

Other people in jail have a different jail as well, so you might see them run through walls.