PK Mode

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If you are interested about this mode, then there are a few things you should know:

  1. If you succesfully attack and PK the Character, the letters of your Character name will become orange, the first time you do this. HOWEVER, this only occurs if you attack that Character first. IF they attack you, and you kill them, your name will still be white (or purple, if you're in a Party).
  2. If you continue to PK players, then your letters will continue to change colors (2 PK's is dark orange, 3 is red, and 4 and 5 are black) until you PK 5 players. When you do PK 5 players, YOUR CHARACTER WILL GO TO JAIL.
  3. You will lose Honor Points as you PK players. The amount of Honor Points lost depends on certain factors, however, making calculation a bit complicated.
  4. You will be unable to talk to NPC's when you kill your first player. You will also be unable to use a Warp Point when you're in PK Mode for a certain time, depending on the color of your Charater's letters.


Jail is a vast maze. It is almost impossible to exit, unless you find a Warp Portal ( it does exist, I have found it before), which will return your Character to where you were before you PK'd a fifth player. However, you also can wait until the Jail Time runs out. This time ONLY PASSES AS LONG AS YOU PLAY WITH THE CHARACTER THAT IS IN JAIL IS BEING PLAYED ONLINE. This is the worst consequence of PK Mode by far, because the Jail Time is very long (About 2 or so hours!). You can exit the Jail by staying by the outter most rim and just continue walking down.

Execution of PK Mode

If you still think that you'd like to continuously PK players until this point, or PK at all, then hold Shift after you select another player, then use a Skill. Buff Skills do not count as PK Skills, so long as they aren't Debuff Skills.

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