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Introduction[ | ]

Pets follow you around and provide additional options to your character depending on how they have been trained. They can be leveled up to improve the bonuses given to your character. At max level they change their appearance.

Acquiring[ | ]

Pets are obtained in two ways:

  • Purchased through the cash shop.
  • Traded in game.

When you acquire a pet it is "asleep". Only pets that are asleep can be traded. To equip the pet it must be activated by right clicking the pet, doing so will make the pet account bound. To "sleep" an activated pet and enable it to be traded a Pet Sleeping Kit must be purchased from the cash shop and used on the pet.

Equipping[ | ]

Dual Pet

Two pets equipped

Activated pets are equipped by moving them to the pet equip slot. You can equip up to 2 pets simultaneously if you purchase a Pet Slot Extender from the cash shop. Only the attributed of the pet in the equipped slot will benefit your character. Both pets will gain pet experience.

Leveling[ | ]

Pets begin at level 1. As you attack monsters in the game you accrue Pet EXP. Any pets you have equipped will gain the pet experience and level up. The maximum level is 10. At level 10 the pet will change appearance. The rate of gaining pet experience can be improved using blessing beads or pet experience beads as well as pet experience runes. Pet experience is also now gained attacking training dummies.

Training[ | ]

Main Page: Option Granting System
Pets can train empty training slots to gain attributes for the character. The number of training slots is equal to the pet level.

Attributes[ | ]

Icon Effect
Attack Up icon Attack +5
Magic Attack icon Magic Attack +5
Attack Rate icon Attack Rate +30
Critical Damage icon Critical Damage +2%
Critical Rate icon Critical Rate +1%
Max Critical Rate icon Max Critical Rate + 1%
Sword Skill Amp icon Sword Skill Amp +1%
Magic Skill Amp icon Magic Skill Amp +1%
Damage icon Additional Damage +5
Icon Effect
Defense icon Defense +3
Defense Rate icon Defense Rate +30
Flee Rate icon Flee Rate +1%
Resist Critical Rate icon Resist Critical Rate 1%
Resist Critical Damage icon Resist Critical Damage 2%
Resist Unable to Move icon Resist Unable to Move 1%
Resist Down icon Resist Down 1%
Resist Knockback icon Resist Knockback 1%
Resist Stun icon Resist Stun 1%
Icon Effect
HP icon HP +30
MP icon MP +30
HP Absorb icon HP Absorb 1%
MP Absorb icon MP Absorb 1%
Max HP Absorb icon Max HP Absorb +5
Max MP Absorb icon Max MP Absorb +5
HP Regen icon HP Regen +3
MP Regen icon MP Regen +3
Skill EXP icon Skill EXP +2
Alz Drop icon Alz Drop +10%
Two-slot drop icon Two-slot drop +100%

Gallery[ | ]

There are a wide variety of pets available

Level 1~9 Level 10
Angela1 tAngela2 t
Charisma Pan
Level 1~9 Level 10
Pan1 tPan2 t
Cha Cha
Level 1~9 Level 10
Chacha1 tChacha2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Cookie1 tCookie2 t
Crag Turtle
Level 1~9 Level 10
Cragturtle1 tCragturtle2 t
Cutie Lai
Level 1~9 Level 10
Cutielai1 tCutielai2 t
Cutie Tai
Level 1~9 Level 10
Cutietai1 tCutietai2 t
Dire Boar
Level 1~9 Level 10
Direboar1 tDireboar2 t
Elder Troglo
Level 1~9 Level 10
Eldertroglo1 tEldertroglo2 t
Fancy Zard
Level 1~9 Level 10
Fancyzard1 tFancyzard2 t
Fortune Pig
Level 1~9 Level 10
Fortunepig1 tFortunepig2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Garlie1 tGarlie2 t
Gentle Parrot
Level 1~9 Level 10
Gentleparrot1 tGentleparrot2 t
Giant Beetle
Level 1~9 Level 10
Giantbeetle1 tGiantbeetle2 t
Golden Fortune Pig
Level 1~9 Level 10
Goldenfortunepig1 tGoldenfortunepig2 t
Golem Jr
Level 1~9 Level 10
Golemjr1 tGolemjr2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Husky1 tHusky2 t
Littly Gry
Level 1~9 Level 10
Littlegry1 tLittlegry2 t
Little Jack
Level 1~9 Level 10
Littlejack1 tLittlejack2 t
Little Pery
Level 1~9 Level 10
Littlepery1 tLittlepery2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Mantis1 tMantis2 t
Meow Ninja
Level 1~9 Level 10
Meowninja1 tMeowninja2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Mummy1 tMummy2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Nipperlug1 tNipperlug2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Peng1 tPeng2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Pinky1 tPinky2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Rabbithorn1 tRabbithorn2 t
Red Garlie
Level 1~9 Level 10
Redgarlie1 tRedgarlie2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Roborobo1 tRoborobo2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Rudolph1 tRudolph2 t
Troglo Warrior
Level 1~9 Level 10
Trogliowarrior1 tTrogliowarrior2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Troglo1 tTroglo2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Woolly1 tWoolly2 t
Worry Bear
Level 1~9 Level 10
Worrybear1 tWorrybear2 t
Level 1~9 Level 10
Armaku1 tArmaku2 t