Cabal Wiki

This is a quick typed guide to the fastest way to pet grind. I will patch it up later.

The best spot is right next to the warp entrance in Pontus Ferrum in the center with the Cornus and Brachium mobs. Dldraw at least 1 brachium to that corner right off to the right or left of the warp.
Use a weak weapon (or none if WI or FA, or if high enough def other class) and have at least some basic cheap forcium, preferably one with auto HP if it's available cheap. Next use auto HP earrings, amulet, and anything else (board/ pet/ etc.) to get as much as you can so that you gain the HP back faster than the Brachium damages you for.
use magic lances or arrows as they're cheap if you have none and have a decently fast cast time compared to most skills. Once you get this balance of gaining enough HP back to let it go without using buffs you should be able to let the game run until you need to get on next (great during work/school or sleep or both).
If you really want to give it a large boost get a pet exp bb 100% or so and anything else you like tat adds pet exp%. Have fun and good luck! With ~175% or so with the pet bb and premium and bb+ i got my pet from 20% lvl 8 to lvl 10 in 2 weeks easily that with a connection that kept cutting off on me during work or sleep shortly after I left.
If you have the pet extender you can apply this technique for 2 pets simultaneously.
Try you best to get your defense to around 900+. Using a few Rox+8 or higher are nice because they add 14+ defense each (do Not worry about critical rate or damage for pet grinding.

The next best spot to pet grind is in Lakeside on the Iron Golum just to the left of the Procyon entrance since it can be singled to by itself without any other mob attacking you. Apply the same method as above but without as high of a defense required, however, keep in mind that Iron Golum do NOT regenerate HP, so they'll die eventually, which is why the Brachium are the best option.

For lower levels or having difficulty with the Iron Golum and staying alive, use the Reddish Cauda in the Forgotten Ruins, but remember it also does not regenerate HP back.