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Perfect Core (High)


Description: Upgrades a weapon/armor/bike to improve its abilities. (Success Rate: 100%)
Type: Item

Introduction[ | ]

A comprehensive list of cores can be found here.
A perfect core is a guaranteed 100% success on upgrading an item from +6 or higher (only 1 plus). Can be used on Armour and Weapons of any type. Other types of perfect cores are as follows:

Obtained[ | ]

Request Crafting: Craft x 1 (7900 Amity), Craft x 2 (8500 Amity)
Chaos Arena: Chaos Arena Lv. 3, Chaos Arena Lv. 3, Chaos Arena Lv. 4, Chaos Arena Lv. 5, Chaos Arena Lv. 6

Target[ | ]

  • Weapon: Osmium (Lapis) - SIGMetal Grade
  • Armor: Osmium - SIGMetal Grade
  • Astral Bike Card: RW3

Gallery[ | ]