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The Patren's Whereabouts
Given by: Aike
Location: Port Lux
Level: Level 62
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: The Missing King
Preceding quest: The End of Wandering
Following quest: The Discovery of the Survey Party

Introductory[ | ]

Where did Silverwood take Patren to?

Objective[ | ]

You must try to find Patren.

Dungeon Penalty: 27,000 EXP

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Aike in Port Lux for the reward:

Experience: 159,832 EXP
Amount:120,000 Alz

Dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon Message:

"You have found traces of humans from the lair that was filled with monsters from the beach. However, you could not find Patren. Let's report to Aike."