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Transcendental Mastery

Transcendental Level[ | ]

Transcendence points

It's a new way of growing content for players who have reached level 200. The maximum transcendental level is 100, and transcendental points increase according to the transcendental level. Transcendence points can be found in the Transcendental Mastery window. Transcendental Level

[Open UI] -Shortcut Key: Shift + V -Cabal Menu-> Transcendental Mastery

Transcendental Mastery[ | ]

Transcendental Mastery
Transcendental Mastery is divided into Attack and Defense, and each affects Attack and Defense.

Transcendence Mastery costs 100 Force Gem. Transcendent EXP The Transcendent EXPexperience bar is added at the bottom of the previous experience, and the combat power increases as the transcendent EXP increases.

Ignore Transcendent Probability ResistanceAchievement gained from Transcendental Mastery that increases an opponent's Critical Probability by reducing an opponent's Critical Probability Resistance. However, if the opponent's critical probability resistance value is less than or equal to 0, the corresponding stat value is not applied.

Attack mastery[ | ]

Stat Name effect
All damage All damage increased
Critical Damage Critical Damage Increase
Attack rate Attack Rate Increase
Additional Damage Additional Damage Increase
hit Hit Increase
Penetrate Increased penetration
Ignore Critical Chance Resistance Critical Chance Resistance Ignore Increase

Defense mastery[ | ]

Stat Name effect
Defense Increase defense
HP increase Max HP increase
Knockback resistance Increase Knockback Resistance
Ignore hit Hit Ignore Increase
Damage reduction Damage reduction increase
Critical Damage Resistance Increased Critical Damage Resistance
Down resistance Down resistance increase
Stun resistance Stun Resistance Increase
Ignore Penetration Increase Penetration Ignore