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One Footstep
Given by: Gette
Location: Desert Scream
Level: Level 60
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Sword of the Guardian
Preceding quest: The Unexpected Clue

Introductory[ | ]

Objective[ | ]

  • You were told that two women, supposedly Rin and Arionell, were seen entering the place where the Sage Tower research group used to stay. Let's go check the place.
    • Let's meet Rin at the Resarch Group Camp

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Veradrix in Port Lux for the reward:

Experience: 103,312 EXP
Amount: 100,000 Alz
Honor Points: 1560

Dialogue[ | ]

Introductory Dialogue[ | ]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon message

The Mutant Clan Warriors, that were assaulted by unidentified ones, were in a range. Although you were able to counter them but have failed to find Patren and Silverwood.