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Most users don't actually know for how long this wiki exists, for those who find themselves in this situation, let me tell you that this big boat is sailing now for over half a year! Yes, it's true, we managed to keep it alive for this much. But what you do not know is how hard and how problematic the navigation as been along the traveling, many waves and sea creatures we came across, we welcomed new sailors but not for long they stayed with us, most got lost in the desert islands we visited and some runned way during the night without prior notice. By this you can imagine how hard it as been for us. Though there's something which everyone should know, this isn't a boat for which you have to pay ticket to travel in, it's free you can hop in any time you wish, actually anything can be done to the boat by anyone, change it's color! Add an additional cabin! Build your own room! Make a dancing saloon! Share your sea experience with the other sailors! So many to do here! Find yourself a new way of spending time by helping us populating our boat with good will and new amazing features! Surprise us! Surprise yourself!

Get some sea guts and join our crew! You are invited the minute you visit this website!

--Origin2 22:24, 19 May 2009 (UTC)