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Template:Guide infobox Brand new to the game and just want some simple tips without the book long explanations? This guide is for you.

Newbie tips[ | ]

  • It is impossible to screw up your character!! This is not Diablo II. Any choice you make for skills or stats can be undone!
  • There is no "best" character class. Some classes are easier for newbies, such as the Warrior. Each class has it's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Turn off Auto Attack - press O -> click Options -> uncheck "Auto Attack" (Key Command: CTRL+A). Turn it back on later after you understand what is going on. =)
  • The icons on the right are your current buffs. Right-click the icon to remove the buff.
  • Do not worry about crafting until you are lv100+ and have 100+m alz in the bank.

See more tips here.

Common Definitions[ | ]

Drops[ | ]

Confused as to what to do with all the drops you are getting? Most of the stuff you first find isn't worth anything. Later on you will start finding things worth a good bit.

Lv1-25[ | ]

Nothing of much value will drop, don't worry too much. Just do the quests, level up, and raise your skill

Lv26-50[ | ]

You will start getting items useful to other players around these levels. You should probably make a mule character or 3 to store items for later. Also learn how the Auction House works.

  • Chaos lamp - Sell to NPC if you need money, use it if you don't.
  • Upgrade Core(Low) - Sell in the Auction House for current market price (200k-600k)
  • Force Core(Low) - Sell in the Auction House for current market price (20k-200k)
  • Small Aramid and Shadowsteel items (gloves helms & boots) - Save all these on mules!
  • Large Aramid and Shadowsteel items (body armor, great swords) - Sell them to NPCs.
  • Bluestin items - Sell to NPCs.

Lv50-75[ | ]

Now you can transmute all the Aramid and Shadowsteel items you have been saving up! Sell the material cores to crafters on the Auction House.

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