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NPC stands for Non-Player Character. There are several dozen in the world of Cabal, distinguishable by green text above their heads.

Types of NPCs[ | ]

There are basically 2 types of NPCs.

NPCs in towns[ | ]

There are 7 basic NPCs in all towns (Bloody Ice, Green Despair, Desert Scream, Port Lux, Fort Ruina).

  1. Officer
  2. Instructor
  3. Core Alchemist
  4. Weapon Dealer
  5. Armor Dealer
  6. Warehouse Keeper
  7. Grocer

These NPCs have a specific function. For example, the Officer is specialised in Guilds and the Instructor is specialised in Skills. Their locations are shown on the Map(short cut key M)and follows the legend given at the left side of the pop up.

Map Legend

Some NPCs in towns may be non-interactive. Such as Bodyguard Hurdor and Bodyguard Hursurf in Bloody Ice. While others in towns may not have specific functions, they are often delegated with a quest for players.

Special NPCs in towns[ | ]

There are some special NPCs that can only be found specific to the town.

InBloody Ice, there are Lady Yekaterina (Agent Shop) and Rune Agent Flasha.

Also in the Mission War lobbies there are the War Contribution Officers: Oliva (Capella) and Kyle (Procyon)

NPCs in quest[ | ]

These NPCs can be found only in dungeons of Storyline quests or in Dungeons.
Some examples are Arionell, Patren and Yuan.