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Mystic Blade's Suggestion
Given by: Mystic Blade
Location: Fort Ruina
Level: Level 94
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Again, The Story of Humans
Preceding quest: The Will of the Existence
Following quest: The Forgotten Land

Introduction[ | ]

As you have investigated the strange book from Bloody Ice and the grave in Undead Ground. You cannot stop from wanting to question Saint Valentine.

Objective[ | ]

  • Listen to Mystic Blade's Suggestion
  • Head on over to the dungeon located where the Death Giant Captain is located in Undead Ground.
Undead Ground map
MapLinkChoice Location of the dungeon in Undead Ground (235,235)
Dungeon Penalty: -110,170 exp


Reward[ | ]

You must return to Mystic Blade in Fort Ruina for the reward.

Experience: 1,488,876 exp
Amount: 1,140,000 alz

Dialogue[ | ]

completion dialogue[ | ]

Dungeon dialogue:
"You found a confusing writing on the tombstone. 'I am confining you within this place. I am also confining myself with you.'? If the first lord of destruction was really sealed within the place, does this mean that...