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My Hobby is Doll Collecting
Given by: Ryeong
Location: Fort Ruina
Level: Level 76
Requirements: None
Type: Hidden

Introductory[ | ]

People say that there is a monster carrying a doll made after itself

Objective[ | ]

The armor dealer Ryeong collects the machine monster dolls as of a hobby. Let's find the Mechape+ Doll for her.

  • Aquire [3] Mechape+ Doll

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Ryeong in Fort Ruina for the reward:

Experience: 350,000 EXP
Amount: 330,000 Alz
Honor Points: 20

Dialogue[ | ]

Introductory Dialogue[ | ]

dialogue with Ryeong

"Curiosity killed the cat. It is always good to keep yourself within line.
I was forced to ask help to outside this time, but we were fine before this has happened, even if we were surrounded by those horrendous monsters. But I must admit that they still scare me no matter how long I have lived here."
[Go and get a doll of the Mechape+]
[Where will I find the time to look for that.]