Cabal Wiki

Mission Battles are a new PvP arena similar to the old Tierra Bruto, but with new unique maps and objectives.

Currently there are two battle zones for Mission Battles:

Frozen Colosseum is a 1v1 map with 2 small guardians on the sides and a large guardian in the center, and a base for each player. There are walls that initially separate each opponent and re-spawn after being destroyed in about 180 seconds. The objective is to be the first to earn 500 points. See the page for Frozen Colosseum for full details.

Forest of Nostalgia is a 3v3 map with a base for each side. The objective is to destroy the other team's Ancient Relic before the time runs out, or have the highest score when time expires. There are monsters that spawn during the match that can be killed to heal yourself or teammates. There are many additional unique rules. See the page for Forest of Nostalgia for full details.

There will likely be more added in the future.