Cabal Wiki
Mission: Maquinas Outpost
Given by: Sally
Location: Fort Ruina
Level: Level 145
Requirements: None
Type: Hidden
Preceding quest: Maquinas Outpost

Quest Dialog[ | ]

Sally: Long time no see.

Well...Have you ever seen the report about central tower in Pontus Ferrum wich was written by research union of Procyon with utmost secrecy?
It was said that the tower was the outpost of metal Clan to prepare invasion of Nevarath and its name is Maquinas Outpost.

You: Maquinas Outpost?

Sally: There is core technology of Metal Clan hidden in Maquinas Outpost which Capella and Procyon demand for.

Both nations announced the exploration to public and promised huge reward to any one who would bring the core technology of Metal Clan as they have strong will to gain it.
Why don't you join the exploration?

You: I'd like to try.

Sally: My expectation was right as usual.

I knew you'd saner that if you are the one I've known So I'm prepared already.
Here, take this Hacked Code Disk. It's a hacked Code Disk to enter Maquinas Outpost directly.
have this and visit the central tower of Pontus Ferrum.

Quest Reward[ | ]

Item: Hacked Code Disk